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Fire Ocean is a Rock band with the surf music influence.

The band was created by four boys at Port Pirie, Australia in 2003, named Thomas Giu (bass), Jack Wok (electro guitar), Paul Maci (drumer) and Chris Okla (voice). They started the band with only seventeen years old when they give up the school and run away for Sidney wanted a sucesseful future and a adventure life, because in their homecity there aren't many oportunities for that kind of band.In 2003, when they fled to Sydney, his friends had just $ 200 and a car.

Things were not so easy, in the beginning we passed for really difficult moments. After run away from home we realized that we were alone in a different city. We needed money and no one knew how to work. The music is the only thing that we know how to do very well. We stayed some days looking for job, with the same clothes, sometimes hungry, oh mothers we feel miss you on that days. But we couldn’t give up because be a success band is our biggest dream.

After two weeks, finally, we found a job. I, Thomas and Jack started to work on a restaurant like bartenders, Paul on a snack bar and Chris on a supermarket. Those were hard works, we worked on almost nine hours for day and after work we were going to a bar to do what we love: music. The only problem is that we weren’t receiving money for this.

Our bedroom , if it can be called that, was a disaster. Four men living in a small place and alone. We support this life for almost six months, but revolted with this situation we started do use drugs. Yes, drugs. The worst thing in the world. The Drugs end with all the good things that you have on your life and have the power to depart people that you like.

All the problem started on a party, I remember like it was today. A “friend” say: “Do you want marijuana? It not vitiate. Just try.” After marijuana came cocaine and we couldn’t stop. In a few weeks we were dismissed by bad behavior. All we needed were drugs and more drugs. Our dream was ending.

So we were lucky to know Peter wenny, he is a man in love with music like we. Talking one day we told for him our history and he was amazed. Seeing our life miserable he asked if he could ingress in the band, he is Californian and plays guitar and he has been living in Sidney for some months but will return soon. At this moment we realized we were destroying our lives with and it was time to stop.

A month after the first meeting we were already traveling to California. We felt afraid but that was the beginning of the realization of our dream. The adaptation was easy, and we started to modify a little our song. Our rock band received the surf music influence.

We were hired to play at a bar being paid for it. It was our resumption. The band’s name, that was hell guys, became Fire Ocean. After living in a horrible hotel, worked hard to earn money, we know that Peter has changed our life. After arriving in California all happened very fast after four months in September 2004 we were contracted by the best record in the country that helped us begin an achieving our ultimate dream.

“And we succeeded. After two years working in snack bars, restaurants and supermarkets, we are a famous band an
d best of all is that we get to do what we like.”

“Today, twenty-five years old, obviously we would not run away from home as eight years ago, but if it was not our naivety and precipitation we, probably, wouldn’t be the band who we are. We would have followed another profession, we would be most unhappy and perhaps we wouldn’t be friends anymore.”

Testimony Edit

Music for us is the voice of soul, when we are on the stage we feel like our bodies don't belong to us. We are just energy, a lot of energy, being released in every note, in every word sung. With the time, we realize that it's the right thing to us, actually with never doubt it. Be able to pass our message in our way is entrancing. The feeling music brings us is something inexplicable and in every song, every show we try to share to you a little of this passion we have for music.

We won a gift from a fan letter a few hundred meters of exciting statements. Maybe so people can have a slightest idea of how much we love our work. "My soul is light weight. The weight of the music. The weight of the word never told, about maybe being told. The weight of a memory. The weight is a longing. The weight is a look . Pesa weighs as an absence. And the tear that does not cry. It has the intangible burden of loneliness in the midst of others. "

Helping othersEdit

For who don't know all the profit obtained with the sale of our CDs and DVDs is donated to social projects, mainly to clinical rehabilitation. The only cash that we have is the money with profit from the shows. We're doing what we love, and how we are known for it, we think that there is nothing better than helping who is passing for what someday we already pass. Support in this moment is the important thing and with strenght and faith everything can be overcome. And here is a hint, helping others is never enough.

Another day driving around the streets we see how the drug problem is still large. Wherever we went we had seen people smoking on the sidewalk. Youth, children, adults, no age specified. It is often a path of no return. The warnings are not enough, safety is not as efficient as it should be. What could have an impact before this problem is education, but not only in school, education needs to come from cradle. More than ever the world needs parents and instructed with an iron fist, not stifle their children but who can say no when necessary. If not the number of lost youth in the drug world will be enormous. And then we'll get no more to reverse this situation!


Throughout our career we've launched 5 CDs and 2 DVDs, a total of 84 songs, 63 of them in out own and 21 partnerships with major bands and stars like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N' Roses, Shakira, Jason Marz and Jack Johnson. Our latest CD, has quite a repertoire with influences of rock and has sold 422 thousand copies. But our song "Além do Horizonte" which has total influence of surf music was elected the best and most played song of 2010.

Since our DVD was considered the better production, recorded in Destin, Florida, in a spectacular structure, with rustic and beachy, had speial effects that left all who were able to witness (about 28.000 fans) impressed. But not only that, we also had the presence of the band ACDC and beautiful singer Colbie Cailat.

We received numerous compliments and some criticisms of extreme importance. But the praise was more marked in that of a fan who said he had follwed our career from the beginning and that in our previous work realized how much we've matured and our music followed same path. We were very pleased with this recognition because it is for those people that we always give our best, trying to make every day better sounding music.

In this past weekend we made one of the best things in our lives. We returned to Sydney to do the best show of our whole career. One hundred thousand people watched and cheered us during the two and a half hours in length that had the show. That whole crowd screaming our name is so striking that whenever we close our eyes we hear again. It was hard going back to that place we have not brought good memories, it was a difficult phase but today we can say with certainty that has been overcome. We do not regret the things we did, if everything had not happened perhaps we would not be here. Today we are sure that we did the right thing, with some hiccups, but the right thing!

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